Friday, August 01, 2008

Fun with "Mr. Snore"

We had the privilege to host our friend, Mr. Moore, earlier this week. Lindy called him "Mr. Snore" and had GREAT fun with him.

Within moments of his arrival--and learning that he is an accomplished musician--she had him playing tunes on the piano for her.

She also decided it would be fun to accompany him for a duet.

A grandpa of four (three of them girls), Lindy targeted "Mr. Snore" right away as someone whom she could hold hostage for a while and make read to her. He obliged her wishes for quite a while on more than one occasion. EXPERIENCE!

We were all glad to have the opportunity to see him. Mr. & Mrs. Moore were Don's sponsors while he was at the Naval Academy and their home was his home away from home. It was nice to return a teensy portion of all they've done for Don by having him in our home.

Thanks for visiting and come back again, "Mr. Snore."


Jenn said...

Oh!! What great fun was had with "Mr. Snore"!! I love the pictures of her listening to a story with butterfly wings on!! Oh to be 3 again!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!! :o)


Michelle said...

Oh, that last picture of Lindy is so precious!!

Jcbaron99 said...

Hi Dad!!! How fun to see him with Lindy. He is a great Opa. I'm glad that he still had the energy for Lindy and that my kids hadn't worn him out the week before. I can't tell you how many pictures if have of him and the kids - especially Noah, at the piano. I'm thinking of doing an album of just music pictures of him and the kids - I will have to add Lindy's. Love the last picture of him with her - at least he was still awake - that doesn't always happen :-) Thanks for sharing "Mr. Snore". He'll be hearing that one again! Love it!

Tonya said...

How sweet that she took to him. I like the sleepy pic. LID 7-7-08

Kate said...

I don't know who looks happier...Lindy or sweet "Mr. Snore". How wonderful to have such a great friend come to visit!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Heather said...

Mr. Snore looks like a lot of fun!!

And oh so happy to play with sweet Lindy:)

Just love these pictures! What a great visit.


sara said...

How adorable! Did she fall asleep?? Kids really do have a way of picking out grown ups that love kids!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

These pictures are adorable! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


DiJo said...

CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!! What a special man to have in your lives!!! I love his nickname. It is precious!

Happy Birthday Friend!


sara said...

You HELD OUT that Tuesday was your birthday!!!

Happy Belated Birthday, sweet sister!!

Michelle said...





Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

That pix is precious!!!

Thank you SOO much for the sweet comment on my blog!

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

That pix is precious!!!

Thank you SOO much for the sweet comment on my blog!

MississippiZen said...

Those are some of the sweetest pictures! How nice that Lindy has a "Mr. Snore" ... it would seem that all little girls need one of those :)

sheryl said...

What a precious visit! I am not sure who enjoyed it more - Lindy or "Mr. Snore".


Lori said...

Oh my gracious, that is so cute...did she fall asleep?! such a sweetie!
Lisa, I think of you often. I hope you are doing alright. The wait has been incredibly hard for me as of late. :(
Sending big hugs your way!!