Saturday, October 06, 2007

Trip to the pumpkin patch

It would be really easy to fill each weekend with chores and errands and not make the time to do fun family things and create special memories. Recently it dawned on me that we have to make a conscious decision and effort to plan special outings or we'll easily get into the trap of just trying to conquer our never ending to-do list.

Today we went to a local pumpkin patch to try to get into the fall spirit. I'll admit that's a challenge when it is 90 degrees outside and extremely humid. Lindy enjoyed looking at the pumpkins, riding on a little "train," and being outside. I think we discovered she may be allergic to hay. Later in the day her eyes were completely red and swollen, her mouth was swollen, and she was quite itchy. A little dose of Benadryl seemed to cure her, though.

Here are some pictures of our morning at the pumpkin patch.


Pumpkin Patch
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Sophie's Mom said...

Adorable. We need to plan those things, too. We live in Maine, and never went to the ocean this summer! :(

Julie said...

Looks like a fun time!

sheryl said...

Oh what a fun day! I LOVE fall, even if is still almost 90 degrees here too! Lindy is absolutely precious!

MississippiZen said...

Too cute! Love the spider shirt! I feel your pain about the weather! How are we supposed to wear all these cute fall clothes if it is 90 degrees outside!!

Heather said...

1. love the spider shirt, she looks simply adorable - Lindy is precious, what a smile

2. you are beautiful, girl!

3. impressive daddy scarecrow!

4. looks like so much fun!

5. we all need to make the time to do those things and make memories, thanks for the gentle and important reminder.

Love to you -

Kimber said...


You are beautiful! You know I mostly check the odd and ends blog. I need to come here more. Lindy is SO cute and I LOVE this slide show. It is so adorable.

Kate has that same shirt but it has been so HOT! It is supposed to cool off here tomorrow so maybe she can wear it.


Lori said...

That was SO pretty!! All these pictures are gorgeous!! You are such a beautiful family, and Lindy is just adorable!! I think these are some of the first pictures I've seen of you, and I love putting a "face' behind your emails!! :) A gorgeous face too!!
The picture of the "green thing" was so funny!! And I loved the music, I might just have to watch this a few more times!! :)