Monday, October 29, 2007

Hershey the Halloween Bunny

Last Wednesday our special friend Denisa came over to play with us for the day. She surprised Lindy by bringing along her bunny, Hershey. I don't know much about rabbits but this little bunny is sooo calm and sweet. Lindy had a ball playing with her, feeding her carrots, and taking her for walks around the yard. Here are some pictures of them...

Thanks for bringing Hershey over, Denisa!!!


Heather said...

That Lindy is so supersweet, she should only be in the company of a bunny named Hershey!

What cute pictures and it looks like it was a lovely day.

Thanks for sharing those special moments with us!


mommy24treasures said...

oh how fun, what a cute bunny.
Down below Fifi is adorable! Its so fun when they enjoy it.

Linette said...

How sweet! I love Lindy's Halloween bow- too cute. :)

Lori said...

That must have been so fun for Lindy to play with the sweet bunny!
i think Lindy should have her own! :)

ADELE said...

Oh how fun for Lindy! She is just the cutest thing ever. Oh, I love her poodle costume. Mallory was a poodle for her first Halloween. Lindy makes a precious poodle. How are you doing with "the wait"?

Kimber said...

Lindy looks like she is very gentle with Hershey...Hmm... could there be a bunny in her future? "Twix" could be a great Christmas present.


Kimber said...

P.S. Kate has that same outfit:)