Thursday, January 25, 2007

One year ago today...

... at 11:06 a.m., I (Lisa) received the most exciting phone call of my life. It was "THE" call Don and I had longed to receive for months--the call letting us know we finally had a daughter. The anticipation was so absolutely excruciating that I still get weak in the knees and stomach when I think about it. I also get super teary-eyed.

Don and I fell in love that day with three little photos sent to us via email. We memorized the little tidbits of information about this little baby named "Fan Xiao Jia" and analyzed every detail of the pictures. Don said from the very beginning, "Look at that face! She's got an attitude." He wasn't too far off about that! We carried pictures of her around in a manila folder and showed her off with the pride of any new parent. We celebrated our special news by eating Chinese food at a restaurant appropriately named "Full House." Don't ask me what I had--I don't remember a bite.

Tonight we celebrated the year anniversary of our referral day by returning to Full House and having Chinese food. This time we didn't have to linger over tiny photos in a manila folder because we had the real deal live and in person cheerfully greeting the customers and walking around in her squeaky shoes.

Receiving our referral a year ago was just the beginning of some very exciting and special times. God blessed us so richly and answered so many prayers when He chose Lindy for us.


Mommy of Boys said...

What a wonderful way to commemorate such an exciting day...and year!

Mom/Grandma Caples said...

It's been fun sharing this with you. Yep...she's been a blessing to all of us, and your joy has too!

cammie said...

Wow! A year...where did that go??

We must get together!


sheri said...

I remember grandma sharing those pictures with me at church. I also cried tears of joy! Lindy is such a blessing. I am so thankful she is with her forever family.