Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A new chapter in an old book

As I post, Lindy is napping and the house is pretty quiet aside from a load of towels in the dryer and the hum of the computer.

All I can think is, "This is it. This is my new life." I am officially a stay-at-home Mom. July 7th was my last day at American Funds and after 10 years there, it was pretty bittersweet to leave. However, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with Lindy. I hope I can be the Mother to her she desperately has needed, as well as create a calm, comfortable home for Don, too. I think he is looking forward to the possibility of more meals that don't come from a box. :o) I will gladly accept easy recipes to help in this endeavor. :o)

To those of you whom I saw daily and now won't see as often, thank you for everything--I will never forget you! To those of you whom I didn't get to see very often because I worked so much, I am hoping we can see each other more frequently.

Thanks to everyone for all your support as I make this transition!!!



Mom said...

What lovely made me cry. I hope you'll never regret the decision you made and why you made it, although it is inevitable there will be days you'll think Lindy's main goal in life will be to push you "over the edge"! You'll be a great stay-at-home Mom just like you were a great "away-from-home" employee! I'm so thankful that you've had so many wonderful friends to be with you on both sides of the "home /work" issue, and that they've supported you every step of the way. You have been blessed! I love you "Home Girl". Mom

cammie said...

How great that you made this decision! When you are dying for some grown up talk, give me a call! 6700615