Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lindy meets the "B boys"

The past few days Lindy has been hangin' with the "B boys" from Folsom, CA. Okay, you Johnny Cash fans, the "B boys" aren't a terrible gang with the blues from Folsom Prison. They are her cousins Bryce (age 3.5) & Brendan (age 2 next week). Bryce & Brendan were accompanied by Uncle Jeff & Aunt Dani.

The seven of us had lots of fun together. With Judge PriceWe went to the San Antonio Zoo, Sea World, and the Riverwalk.

Yesterday we were also all together for a special event--Lindy's readoption in the United States. It was really moIn Courtre of a formality, because Lindy was already officially adopted on April 4th. This just makes it a bit easier for her to get a U.S. birth certificate and social security number. Anyway, it did give us more photo ops, as you see.
In front of the Bexar County Courthouse

Lindy loved being with the boys. Now that she can walk, she did her best to keep up with them and didn't let her size intimidate her from getting right in there to play with them. In keeping with her love for words that begin with the letter B, she loved saying Bryce's name. Several times she went to Bryce to just give him a hug.

It is fun to watch young children at play with each other. They don't care about size, shape, or color. Sometimes they hurt each other's feelings when they don't share or are a little mean, but they are forgiving and soon get over it and before you know, they are rolling around giggling like nothing ever happened. Oh so long ago, I remember playing like that with Jeff, so it was music to my ears to hear our children doing the same.

Thank you Uncle Jeff, Aunt Dani, and "B boys" for coming to see us. It was a very special visit! We love you!!!

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