Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Queen Bee

This past weekend was the Trunk of Treats at our church. Back in July I had an epiphany and decided what she'd be for Halloween--a bee. I decided to be a crafty momma (ha ha if you know me) and make her a tutu, the antennae, and enlist the crafty daddy to do the wings. Little snag came up when since about August Lindy made it pretty clear that she wanted nothing to do with Halloween festivities this year. At first I thought she was being dramatic. Then the decorations started popping up around stores and she was scared to walk near them. She also is a bit more reserved around adults than she has been in the past. You know, the fingers in mouth, hide behind Mom routine...Not buying it from this extrovert!

Anyway, while Don and I weren't totally in agreement about how to proceed we had made her costume and we forced her go on Saturday night knowing she'd get into it and be glad after the fact.

I really am not one to brag and am not big into showcasing what I've done, but I will admit I was pleased with her tutu. I should've made it a smidge (that's a mathematical term) longer but other than that, it was the way I wanted it.

Don made the wings. They turned out pretty well. I was too intimidated to do them and I think I would've used nylons instead of tulle but that man can find his way 'round a craft store and I like that about him.

My bad. I bought too big of pom poms for her antennae. They were out of the smaller ones back in July when I bought the goods and I never went back to look for small ones again. Their crazy all over the place tendencies kind of match Queen Bee's personality!

Not only did she get candy but she got her favorite chips--Cheet*os. You can see the orange stuff from this tiny pic.

She had a fun evening collecting candy, eating orange chips, drinking "Sprout," and playing with friends.

I suppose you'll see more of this costume later this week when she gets to do what she really wanted to do all the time and that is "sell" candy to the kids. My little queen bee is also an entrepreneur.

Happy Halloween!


houston and kara said...

i love that she calls it "sprout!"

nice teamwork on the costume! it turned out really cute and crafty :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Ok, I am pretty stink impressed! Mya is a Bee too and I did nothing of the sort such as crafting anything! Your is way cuter!!!