Thursday, September 03, 2009

Lindy's Thankful Thursday

Periodically, I share a Thankful Thursday list on our family blog. Lindy and I talk a lot about a lot of things. Today I decided to ask her for some things for which she is thankful. Here is her list.

1. Mommy
2. Daddy
3. My friends
4. God
5. Food Mommy & Daddy gave me
6. Bugs--the rolly pollies...then butterflies, caterpillars, and ladybugs
7. My room
8. Pajamas
9. Clothes
10. The earth God gave us
11. Trophies, I think
12. My family and grandma and grandpa

Prayer request that she threw in: "Help my baby to come here soon."


sara said...

How sweet! Lindy, we want your baby to come home soon too!

myra said...


houston and kara said...

aww :) so sweet

p.s. i have a similar list, minus #6!

houston and kara said...

on second thought... i guess those are the few bugs i like too.

Julie said...

So sweet. I love that you post about your conversations. You are a great mom!

The Byrd's Nest said...

That is the sweetest list. We all want your baby to come home sweet girl.

The Oswalds said...

Love it!