Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun turning four

On May 8th, our sweet girl turned four! I am still in denial that I have a four year old. All week long Lindy asked, "Is today my birthday?" She was just a little excited. At the beginning of her birthday week we told her Daddy was going to take the day off work and we were going to surprise her with a special treat. When the morning of her birthday arrived, she was a bit confused when I put a bathing suit on her under her clothes. She was so absolutely darling as she proclaimed, "I bet I know what the surprise is...We're going to go outside and play in the sprinkler." I absolutely LOVE that about Lindy. She is excited over the very little things and that would've been enough for her. It is a reminder to me that I need to be grateful for the little things and find joy in them.

We had a bit more up our sleeve than the sprinkler, though. On the way to the surprise she was so excited and patient. She registered guesses such as, "we're going to swimming class," "we're going to the donut store," and "we're going to Grandma and Grandpa's house."

The real surprise was that we took her to Sea World. She'd been one other time (when she was about 14 months) when we had family in town but she had no recollection of her first experience.

Despite the EXTREME heat and humidity, we had an incredible day!

Lindy loved seeing the dolphins and sort of liked feeding them. She was a little hesitant at first, but who wouldn't be with those teeth?

She got a kick out of watching Clyde and Seamore.

She was mesmerized by Shamu...

She laughed at wearing funny glasses during the 4D Pirate movie.

She loved playing and cooling off in the water.

After a full day at Sea World, we took the birthday girl for pizza and then headed home for some presents and cake. After listening to about 10 minutes worth of phone messages and birthday greetings, she sat got to check out what was in the various purple, pink, and princess packages and tear open many birthday cards. We were thrilled our dear friend, Denisa, could join us.

We had a wonderful day together and look forward to the many exciting things four will bring!
(Although, EARLY yesterday--Mother's Day--she woke up with her first ear ache. Having her first ear infection and being on her first round of antibiotics is not the exciting kind of stuff I mean.)


Jcbaron99 said...

She is SO sweet! What a great birthday! I can't believe she has just had her first ear infection! Amazing. Sorry she was under the weather for Mother's Day. Hope you had a joyful day anyway!!

Jenn said...

Such a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday Lindy!!

DiJo said...

I am a terrible Aunt!!!!!! I forgot, and I have no good excuse!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDY!!! What a wonderful day! Your pictures turned out great!!!!! She is absolutely precious! What a blessing to see her joyfully move in to her 4th year!

Lindy, I just know it is going to be a very special year!


The Oswalds said...

Happy Birthday, Lindy! Just precious! Looks like a perfect day!


sheryl said...

How did that happen? I can't believe she is four already! She is just the sweetest. Hope all is well with you Lisa! I have been out of the loop for a while, but Lindy is always on the top of my list to check on and she never fails to bring a smile.


Kara said...

houston and i went to sea world with a couple of friends in october, one of whom was visiting from thailand. she literally SCREAMED at every show, she was so excited! and she's 27! hilarious.

what a fun birthday for lindy! yall are the coolest parents :) haha