Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Name that tune

"Spring is here, spring is here, it's the best time of the year."

That's what Lindy was singing when I got her up from her nap yesterday--over and over and over again. While I think she's quite intelligent, I'm pretty sure she's not composing her own poetry or songs yet. Funny thing is, it was close to 80 degrees yesterday and very appropriate.

Anyone recognize where that little diddy came from???
P.S. Please don't judge me for not knowing what my daughter is listening to. :o)
Update: Yea for special friends Katie & Olivia who knew this came from Little Bill...I guess somehow I was milling around too much to have seen this episode...Thanks girls!!! xoxo


sheryl said...

She absolutely is very intelligent and an adorable little meterologist (sp?) to boot! Could it be a Noggin song?


Heather said...

Hey girl - Is is Winnie the Pooh? if Em were awake, I'd ask her - I am certain she has sung this before. Oh how I wish spring were really here! It's coming right???

Love ya!

Jenn said...

So cute! It is feeling like spring outside isn't it?! would be a great day to fly a kite....if all that cedar pollen wasn't flying everywhere! And the kite might take off with you it's so windy....

Wish I knew the little tune of that song....or I'd be singing it too! :o)

Lori said...

I don't know where it came from, but it sure sounds cute and I'm sure it was coming from her! :)

mommy24treasures said...

I know its a Nick Jounior song. I have heard little bill sing it I thin they had several shows sing it.
She is so cute:) I agree with her I am ready for SPRING!!!!!!!

Sheri said...

Wow, almost 80 degrees!! I sure wish Lindy was right and that spring was here!

DiJo said...

Spring in January? What's that like? If Lindy was waking up here, she would be singing "Frosty the Snowman!" I can't wait to hear Ruby sing. I remember the first time Ainsley did it, she was singing, The B-I-B-L-E!! I want to hear some of these fabulous compositions of Lindy's. You have to figure out the video!!!!!
Enjoy your balmy weather! Is it ok to be a little envious?

Kate said...

Hey Lisa,

Have you fifured out the mystery tune yet?? Keep us posted!


katie said...

Hey, we know that song!! It's from Little Bill, the one where he gets stage fright during the spring show.

Katie and Olivia