Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pull out the brooms!?!

Lindy has pulled out the broom in hopes that tonight
her Spurs will sweep the Cavs!

She hopes her man Ginobili scores
a bit more than three points tonight.

Go SPURS go!!!


Di said...

I am coming up from the fog and I am finally checking in on you all! Lindy - could you come over with your broom please? I need a little help around here! She is so darn cute!!!! I miss you guys!

Julie said...

The Spurs did it! Thanks Lindy for your prediction and encouragement! A 4th Finals trophy. Yea Spurs!

Anonymous said...

Lindy's support was no doubt what pushed the Spurs to victory! GO SPURS GO!!!!

cammie said...

And sweep they did! Thanks for your team spirit, Lindy!