Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Six months with our Lindy

It is hard to believe that six months ago today our darling daughter was placed into our arms. It is incredible how fast time has flown--yet, in some ways, it feels like Lindy has been with us forever. I hope to never forget the feeling of holding her for the first time. Poor thing...she was so scared and so were we.

Since I see her daily, I don't notice how much she has changed. It isn't until I look at pictures from April that I see she is quickly evolving from a helpless little baby to an independent little girl. She is not the only one who has changed; we have, too. It is easy for Don and I to feel like we are her teachers and proudly gloat over what we've taught her. However, I think it is possible she is teaching us more than we are teaching her. No doubt, her life is better now but so is ours!

Weighing in at 19 pounds and standing 30.5 inches tall, here's a little bit about her...


  • Books---Loves Goodnight Gorilla--she can read a page to us from that book
  • Mandarin oranges, pineapple, pears, apples, and bananas
  • Most foods
  • Music--dancing and singing
  • Belly buttons
  • Twirling until she falls down
  • Animals
  • Bath time
  • Running away from Mommy
  • Other kids big or small
  • Being pampered with "pretty" lotions and sprays
  • Jewelry
  • Pretending to talk on the phone
  • Asking "what's that?"
  • Going up and down stairs
  • Exercising her independence AND freedom of speech


  • Having her face and nose wiped
  • Most vegetables lately to our dismay
  • Wearing stuff on her head (hats, accessories, etc.) and seeing other people wearing hats
  • Getting up before 9:00 a.m.
  • Sitting still


The regulars--Bird, bubbles, Bible, book, banana, Beck, Mama, Daddy, please, thank you, more, pineapple, apple, mmmm...,cereal, bottle, rag, belly button (no where close-but we know what she's saying), pretty, fish, cheese, spoon, hi, bye bye, bread, Bryce, cat, kitty, dog, ruff ruff, bawk bawk, shoes, sock, baby, bath, night night, Jesus, duck, quack quack, what's that, keys, bib, amen, egg, stars, flower, waffle, diaper...

We'd like to thank everyone who has been so supportive of us since we've been home and for loving Lindy so much. It means so much to us and we are confident it will one day mean the world to Lindy.


Don, Lisa, & Lindy

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